Past Games

People Leader is a VR based God Game where you look down at your population of tiny people, and encourage them to repair civilization by assigning them to jobs, watering their crops, throwing fireball
You play as a young sphere who has ambitions to explore beyond your home. A small world stretches out before you with several NPCs to speak to and help you unveil the small story behind the world.
A game for the original NES! Help make sure an important message is relayed across the entire sector, but beware of the dreadful space enemies. Play it using your favorite emulator or load it up
In Joe VS Volcano, the gods are angry. Joe must appease them by collecting precious items and tossing them into the volcanoes before they erupt!
Multiplayer airplane dogfighting!
Burden is a top-down, roguelike game that follows a nameless warrior who seeks a mysterious power to help fulfill a promise made long ago. How to Play: Keep your spaceship moving by regularly pressing spacebar to beat your heart. Without a heartbeat, your ship will slow to a stop and you won't be able to see your targets. When a word appears, type it as quickly as possible. Destroying a word gives you a speed boost, and continually destroying words increases your heart rate (and the pace of the game). Don't get so caught up in the words that you forget to beat your heart! Development: I put this game together in Unity3d. My initial goal was to put something together without much art, instead relying on some simple solid color geometry that was well lightmapped. I wanted to use the heartbeat to illuminate gameplay elements. After messing around with lighting for a while, I wasn't quite able to get the look I imagined, and instead used the heartbeat to illuminate the words you shoot. I hadn't really initially intended the game to be a typing game, but it sorta turned out that way. And it's fun enough so that's cool.
Young Yggdrasil needs to replenish the land to 100% by turning the evil mudmen into vegetation.

Hearty Games