Andrew Wang

Past Games

Part Spoon, Park Fork, All Badass
What happens to socks that go missing in the wash? At what lengths would the remaining sock go through to find that lost sock?
Try desperately to hold your house together through a series of catastrophes, using the only tool available to you: A stapler that shoots cats.
Marshmallow Exodus follows a group of lovable marshmallows on a journey to an ancient chocolate utopia.
Darwin, our social monkey wants to find a balance between being social while avoiding the flu. You are Darwin, the unaffected monkey and you want to avoid disease transmission during the flu season.
Look what can be accomplished in 100 days! Surf the zombie apocalypse as far as you can. Grab the cash while you can.
This dating game pokes fun about the dating and mating rituals of humans and birds, in the context of bars, clubbing, and "mating".
In this 2D 2-player top-down arena shooter, use your army of clones to eliminate the other player's clones. The catch: only one of your clones fires real bullets - the rest fire harmless blanks.

Hearty Games