Andrew Kasapidis

Past Games

The Coventry Strain tells the story of a plague sweeping through a city. Accused of spreading the plague through an act of corruption, two women were immortalised as murderers.
Where do all the letters to Santa go? To Santa's Workshop, right? What happens when those letters are accidentally addressed to Satan? Well, they go to Satan's workshop.
A scrolling shooter-style game where you control the lil' red blood cell that could. Could be a white blood cell, that is.
Assume the role of a master hacker in a game where you preemptively command your robot in a highly sensitive mission to blow up a space station.
Defend your conspiracy based pirate radio station from the G-Men trying to shut down your broadcast.
Super Ball Brawlers is a 4 player competitive party game where players compete to be the last ball rolling! Roll around and try to knock off the competition!