Andrea Giuseppe Castriotta

Past Games

A broken life can be repaired. The Grief overcome. Dolor Arcana is a 2 to 4 players cardgame.
Repair the chromatic sequence. Sunair is a card game. 2 to 5 players try, in 20s rounds, to recreate a complete sequence not knowing the missing pieces left in the deck.
This is not a game, this is an experience. Dive down the fading memory of a young boy, afflicted by a mental desease that slowly degrades his memories. Use the password written in the post-it on the
A puzzle game with the old 90's "Find the object" graphic. You are the radio receiver in a fictional Great War setting.
"The fittest will survive" is our game's scope.
Untill the ancient times, two major forces fought for the supremacy: Big waves and Small waves.