Past Games

Tactical Leaping Adventure where you escape from a prison by finding the pieces you've lost along the way. Play the game here:
Create a world using city parts. This is a toy more than a game for now. Notes: - Versus scoring not working, but 4 plaers can play the game of building!
A game about a little monster that delivers errands for the whole town!
Experimental artsy puzzle game based on totem rotation and helixes with gems.
HookBots is a game in which you have to battle against another robot with just hookshots.
A short story based on our perspective of life. This game follows the life of a man and his progress through it.
Help Detective Alistar find the exit of the cursed Mansion inhabited by a deadly demon. Your tools will be an oil lamp and your memory to not retrace your steps to flee the guardian of this mansion.
Life is a cycle. in order to get out of that cycle you must live multiple lives. There is and exit for each of those lives. \ In the game those lives are represented by a circular level. You can't die but you need to find the door in order to transcend to the next life, this is accomplished by learning. So in essence \"O\" is a puzzle game.