Past Games

The guardian spirits of life and death exist in eternal struggle. Seeking to gain the upper hand, both have infiltrated each other's world.
What happens when home misses you? Try to catch you back in, of course! In a world where people is free to hang out together and make plans, houses are feeling lonely and craving to be occupied.
You just died! But as a ghost you can send a signal so that someone else can see what decisions led you to your death... or can they even change your destiny? You decide!
In the vastness of the universe there are guardians whose mission is to maintain the frequency of the stars allowing and harmonious resonance.
When tortillas where nothing but an old tale, in a world filled with bad dad jokes and the three seashells restrooms, a group of heroes is willing to sacrifice their lives in order to go back in time
Two people. One is afraid of dark. The other, must guide him through the woods. Light is gold-valued. What can be done?