Past Games

The dogs are up for some cooking in this weird last weekend of January. What could they possibly be aiming for? Who knows...
ALEX & CARLOS are two aliens that are very different but so much alike. One day they catch a glimpse of each other and embark in an adventure of friendship and cooperation.
An Agile Jump'n shoot'n hack'n slash Action-Platformer where you have to keep fighting to keep your heart pumping! However you CAN die by overcharging too. We will continue working on the game to create a storyline and some nice levels, but for the game jam, we were able to prepare the battle system, the energy system,and a small level for players to explore the controls a bit. Hope you enjoy it!!! :D NOTE : Unity Web Player Required VERY VERY IMPORTANT : The game may have a small problem running in some browsers, like chrome. Sometimes you`ll get a message telling you to download unity web player , even if you already have it . If that happens, just go to the address bar, on the upper-right corner , you`ll see a small shield. Click on it and there will be an option to allow the game to run. enjoy!!!