Past Games

A game about repairing a relationship at a snails pace. Remember that getting out of your shell can get you down.
How to hit on an alien in the inter-galactic party of the year.
In a futuristic world ravaged by the suns heat, water spirits are much desired. Control a collecting robot that can send out a transmission to hunt down water spirits, but watch out!
You play a shoe. Named Dewey. Your owner left the house without you, so you have to get to him!
Arrow keys to move and jump, ctrl to subjugate.
A child super nerd has to live through recess, get him running from the school bully by getting his blood flowing. Pump his heart and he runs faster, but don't think too little of this kid, he's got a trick or two up his sleeve! The game is about bullying and the fear a child fears from it. Even a super genius has to run.