Past Games

Duality is a simulator about creativity and destruction; it's currently lacking features but the basic elements of the creative process as well as the big red button of doom are implemented.
The Toymaker is a light clone of Papers Please. Where you need to balance fixing toys, paying rent and bills and the constant war between the Underground and the Service.
What Home means to me: A place I want to protect, a family I love, a place of comfort and love and warmth. Gameplay: Join your family to generate warmth and focus but be wary; the more time you s
In this game you take the role of a nameless brave soldier in the Jewish underground as they try to smuggle Jews into Israel during the British mandate period.
An endless runner.. eh, sailor.
The Gods Are Angry is a mix between resource-management, snap decisions and simon says. The days of thunder, maelstrom and plauge are upon us. The land is in turmoil.
Idle Hands is a 2d top/down time/resource management game about helping your employees find fulfillment with work and other mundane things. Remember, good workers are happy workers!
"Fractured" is a top/down turn-based puzzle game where players experience and deal with moments of paranoia and anger as well as lows and passivity; seeing the world through the eyes of thei
The game's settings are designed to evoke in players a sense of alienation and loss. There's no clear goal for the game and players are free understand it in different ways. Some of the ideas which we had but didn't get around to implement [just yet] are a changing game world according to the heartbeat and different endings depending on the location of the player's death. It was fun to work on (though challenging at times :P) and I want to say that we couldn't have done it without the entire team putting in the effort to be and do and create! go us! thanks to: Ben Coen, Gal Kfir, David Yahalomi, Daniel Rafael, Itamar Reiner, Elad Gershon, and of course our musical genius, Rea Meir :D
It's a snow day outside, but you're stuck in school. Annoy your teacher and trick other students into taking the blame, until the teacher storms off in a rage - leaving you free to enjoy the weather. But don't get caught, there's no snow in Detention!