Past Games

It's a busy day at the city apothecary and your customers seem to want everything! It's up to you to brew all the potions as fast as they come in... or be turned into a cane toad.
reseeding (ˌriːˈsiːdɪŋ) verb (gerund): to sow seeds in previously fertile ground, to maintain or sustain something homophone: recede, to pull back or draw away You've been having tr
Foehn is a game about wind and plants.
Helio is a VR universe sandbox game where you are the center of the universe. Borrow some light from the sun, toss planets and dodge asteroids - the galaxy is your playground.
What dreams may come must give us pause...or make us run! NightmarEscape is a third-person, multi-player puzzle game that pits you against (or with) three other unnamed players in a surreal, twilight landscape. A shadowy monster trails your every move, finding you by your level of fear and the noise you produce. Your only way out of this bad dream is to look for the lost objects of your childhood, and avoid becoming the monster you're trying to outwit and outrun. Master your fear, move fast but don't pause too long - your emotions betray you in this nightmarish battle to stay clam, stay awake, and stay alive!