Als Strife

Past Games

4 spies must race through two maze systems. Last one that left behind is the losing one.
Life's got so many problem, sometimes you resolve one, sometimes you raise the other problem
How can a 10 man army defeat a whole bunch of enemies? lets use the swarming attack! its simple, just press space to help them get rid of their opponent
It's a card game about collecting mistycal relic combined with poker card game mechanic
game ini tentang ritual pengambilan jin dengan medium botol. setup 1. pilih 1 orang yang menjadi juri. 2. pemain dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok dan baris berhadapan. 3.
To achieve higher state of peace you have to do the ritual of balance yourself but many obstacle will halt do you dare to take the challenge? Control : mouse scroll wheel
Imagine you are participating in a competitive gamejamsite. You have to quickly do your job and then give it your partner to continue the teamworks in a rush.

Hearty Games