Alon Kaplan

Past Games

Match opposite blocks to build a tower. Drag blocks with opposite attributes from the sides of the table to the center.
Finding love is hard, but you're here to help! Match the candidates to each other.
The main character is a postman, whose task is to seek out and catch the lost memories of people, which are depicted in the form of giant letters (envelopes).
A single person, out to build some relationships in the world during the corona. Endure the passage of time with friends and alone, and maintain your relationships while facing reality.
Dust 'till Gone is a 2D Platformer. You play as a lost soul, transitioned into an unknown world, a world between the real life and the after life. In search of guidance, collect butterflies who
Search your inventory for the right items and weapons To overcome the enemies and obstacles
A game about repairing a relationship at a snails pace. Remember that getting out of your shell can get you down.
Washy is one level game all hand drawn cartoony look the goal is to release Washy from his chains, repair him by collecting some parts and escape. there is a LOT of time put into the feel of mov
2 games developed as one. Each game has a different character - in one game the Blu (that plays in a red world) and the other game it is Red (that plays in a blue world). Blu can move objects in ord
You are the crane operator, you need to rebuild the small home as a taller one using the same materials as the small one with a crane and a magnet.
Puzzle Platformer where you play as a tiny cog, making its way in the mechanisms of a giant clock to repair it from clogs of sand, and finally find its own place in the machine. Controls: WASD - D
Help! the ceiling is cracked and about to fall apart! Save your ceiling before the roof falls on top of your head! Ready?
The world is, literally, on fire.
HE WHO SEEKS OUR LORE WILL SET US FREE. A tense, horror themed dungeon-crawler about mythical abominations, the occult book they wrote, and permanent bleeding.
Home Stack is a game where you place house blocks on top of each other to create high buildings.
In this wacky and grim game you get to defend your new-born child from terrible acidic rain storms which come and go at random intervals.
A 2D platformer
Neat wants the house to be spotless, but while he cleans it things can get quite messy. Tidy wants this house to be super organized, but while he puts everything in place the house gets dirty. 2 P
A medieval war strategy game where you sit in your castle and can only command the war using pigeons you send
A 3D multiplayer cooperative game. One player runs in a maze and needs to avoid the monster and find the way out. The other player sees their progress in a top view or surveillance cameras.
English (Hebrew follows): Adventure-Quest game. One of the participants is the player and others join to help him. This game is co-operative and improves the communication between a group of people
E-K0 is a PvP arena roguelike game, where each player takes control over a small fighter craft that hovers fast across a sphere-like surface in order to reveal and then eliminate the opponent/s.
Working in High-Tech is Hard. Workers are Ungrateful. Basically, you can only trust your family.
Tzonami jus hitted the beach, help him find his way back to the sea. Beware, the Tzonami alert is annoying! do it quick.
*Play Modu Beats now!* Modu Beats is a "Beat Based" Action/Tower Defense game. --- Move your character with the "Arrow keys"/left stick and place Turrets with the "Z"/&
Babies are lost in the big Mediterranean sea. Help the whales to save them! Single & two players. Background inspired by Jaffa Port.
On the beautiful shores of Jaffa, you sit and relax. Build your castle in the sand, but be quick or the next wave will take it away.
In the year 2038, an earthquake shattered the Holy Land. The city of Jaffa survived, but is now floating at sea and being constantly battered by huge waves and mutants.
I an alien - I in transit - Other aliens think they should pass first - I SHOW THEM. In this one-button brawler, aliens jump to generate waves that will send other aliens' over the edges.
Help a little girl learn how to cook :)
A rhythm game about a tribe of warriors on a quest to find the god of rain. To do that, they must follow a specific rhythm that only their General Leader knows. Follow his beat and you can proceed..
Will your religion be strong enough?
Sacrifice virgins to the great demon and keep him happy. If his anger bar depletes - you're toast. Four players co-op! XBox 360 controllers required! Alt+F4 to Quit the game.
"Those are the elements of life.
An old school CGA, point and click puzzler: You're attending an 8-bit Jewish wedding in Tel Aviv's Port and everyone's happy. Time to destroy the party - can you find any of of the r
Run from hell and reach the exit in a 5x5 tile based game, but be careful not to follow the same route twice
A dolphin wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. To judge them is his real test, justice is his cause. Gotta judge 'em all! Choose who's guilty (press the button on the lef
DwarvenLock is a unique puzzle game which uses an original method of telling the player what to do next.
You are a bus passenger, and a Terrorist enters the bus. What do you do now?
3 games, 3 characters... but just ONE BUTTON! The little girl jumps over the living obstacles - The superman-wannabe avoids the angry kittens - The lunatic is being chased by the lower-jaw monster...
Each player picks a corner button => One tap to jump - Double jump to burrow => Change gopher colors by picking gems. The last one to borrow decides which color is the GopherMageddon.
An eerie first person exploration adventure with a memory-game mechanic, set in a mysterious foggy marsh land. Meet strangers carrying strange symbols, and try to find your path between them.
The game uses two flight joysticks, connected bottom to bottom, to control a spaceship. The spaceship needs to move through the space highway and avoid asteroids. Each asteroid that hits the spacesh
Someone farted in the elevator! The real question is who? Who is the better sniffer? You or your friends?
4 cool monsters, but... which one is you? Bump, collide, drag your invisible self around your environment to understand who you are! You have 2 minutes!
An android wants to be human. She needs to destroy all the circuits inside her, marks of the artificial world, in order to become part of the natural world. This is a puzzle game that shows the android's two perspectives of the world: when the player goes right, the world is the technical reality of the android, and when the player moves to the left, the whole world changes into the android's nature dream-world. When the world changes, the elements and their functions change as well. The player needs to calculate their steps in order to pass the barriers and reach the lamp-symbol/sun, which breaks the circuit and ends the level.
Grandma is waiting for you! Go give her a visit :) Beware of the Tacks, don't hit Bunnies, and have a good trip.
Click to the Heart Beat in order to Run away from the evil agents
New Grounds tells the story of Plato, a cute little creature that awakes to his destiny and goes on a journey form a dark life into a brave new world. On the way he needs to fight enemies that want to keep him imprisoned and free his friends... The story is based on the allegory of 'Plato's cave' and the 'Matrix' movie - promoting the message that in order to create a change in the world, one has to escape his own prison of mind.
A prototype of an art game following one man's life and how investing your heart into someone or something gets its toll from you. If you are stuck, look at the keyboard icon to the bottom-right of the screen. Still stuck? Try using the "H" key. The game is best played with the music on. If the music doesn't play, try using a different browser (Firefox worked for us!)
This is beyond a game. your goal in the game may only be to repeat the letters on the white arezian's heads, but by participating in this game you change the game experience for all the other players! this game tracks people who register themselves to ADI(an Israeli organ donation organization). For each person that registers the game will give more initial heart power(health) to all players. And for every user that registers to the game but does not register to the organ donation program the game will reduce the initial health for all the players who will play the game. This game is meant to show you that your actions always affect your surroundings, and to teach you how sometimes not helping the community may just hurt it. I have hopes that this game will increase the number of organ donors in Israel and will help save lives.
Burger Alert is a usual day at work for the dude making burgers to feed hungry customers until the inevitable heart attack, not certain whose. Gaining additional lives in the game require a meaningful contribution to society.
Sleep Paralysis - a game we have built at the Global Game Jam Israel-Tel-Aviv this weekend using the UNREAL ENGINE and free assets from Garage Games. You are a solitary old man lying on your deathbed, with almost no ability to move. The daemons are coming to take your soul. You will try push them off, but death is inevitable. It's just a matter of time...
Walk with arrow keys or W A S D Shoot with Spacebar
A climber disguised as a runner. A co-op disguised as a race. A local multiplayer game about the true nature of invisible walls, and the meaning of asymmetric gameplay.
A dance game where you actually make the music with your body.
this is a party game for more then 2 players, the goal of the game is to reachthe portal. \ each player in his turn puts one box on the screen and can move theshaman and try to reach the portal. \ the player who gets to the portal first, wins!.
J.O.T is sick and tired of doing manual labor. He clones himself in hope for the easy life with his clones doing all the work. Little does he know that his clones have other plans... \ The Video Intro -
A hopeful cat, trying to survive in a hostile world.
you are a hamster running inside a wheel, your objective is to escape by avoiding obstacles in the room and not getting hit by the cubes.
Tower defense where you destroy each other's towers and interface.
2 Players. Eat your way through your opponent - and exterminate the other food. WASD or arrows to move JKL or /*- to use specials
Each tribe is the predator of another tribe and the prey of a third - Help them to breed & eat, make sure they eat a prey before they starve to death - Sustain a viable population balance! Controls: DRAG & DROP
you're a [bored] alien pilot in a mission to eradicate the entire population on planet Lingapore, homeworld of the Lings. your goal is to be achieved by disrupting the planet's ecosystem [sandbox simulation] - preferably in strategic key points. the Lings are lively and dynamic and their population may grow [or shrink] on its own. the prototype food chain consists of various predators, herbivores & plants. eliminate a chain link and the entire food chain will collapse into total extinction. your spaceship arm power is energy-limited. in order to wipe out the entire planet you should scout the area [in your unidentified flying doughnut] and locate strategic sweet spots for maximum cleansing.
Babylon Fight is a game for 5 players or less, controlling 1 keyboard. This is a actually a simulator showing how ancient languages came to their extinction trough a game, allowing the participators, each controls one language, to battle with each other to the unpreventable moment. By pressing one of two options the player can send a man to convert the other players men, or a bully to kill them. The power of each unit depends on how charged they are. Good luck! May the best language win…