Past Games

Captain Fay Get is an on a deserted island. Find resources around the island to stay alive.Lead him to the path of survival by avoiding or killing monster.
Escape Room Thriller. Storytelling through 3D Surround Sound and Echolocation. Use Headphones for optimal audio experience.
e-Type seeks enlightenment! Guide it through a set of challenge gates to see what lies beyond the endless dark, while activating the p-Types and sending them on their way to the outside world.
The Chinese Mirror Ritual involves using highly reflective mirrors to display realistic images on different surfaces. Solve puzzles by moving the mirrors around.
You're tasked with completing a series of rituals by an unknown power. Is it worth it? Will the outcome serve you well?
Retro themed game where you play as a god where you gain / kill followers and to beat an ogre trying to do kill humans. Arrow Keys to move. Space Bar to send souls to heaven. Three levels.
A multiplayer game for up to four people. Collect ingredients and find the secret recipe. How long can you survive?
You have 60 seconds to live. Pass on your genes to survive and live through your offspring. Press 'E' to hump. And oh boy, get ready, to HUMP! HUMP! HUMP!