Past Games

(EN) Help La Personaje take care of Django! He will want to roll in the mud, he will mess it up, he will throw the garbage and he will want to get away with it... don't allow it!
Our first mission to the systems beyond our skies has been a success! But there’s a problem, we lost contact with our astronauts. Only Laika can bring them back, it’s time for her power to shine!
B̶U̶G̶ QA Simulator is a boss rush platform video game where you can live the fantabulous daily workflow of a QA Tester. “What is a QA?”, you ask.
A young robot that wakes up in a landfill, and is terribly scared and confused. He does not know where he is, but he feels that that is not his place.
We've developed a 2-player, split-screen, puzzle game where music and color emission serves as core mechanic.