Past Games

Taking your dog to the museum where you work sounds like a good idea, until he destroys all the paintings! Now it's up to you to fix the paintings before dawn or you'll be fired!
Guide flamey the flame to his safe fireplace before he dies from the cold.
Remember Clippy? Well, it turns out he has gotten a new job as a back spring in the plunger of a pen. One day due to a clumsy human, Clippy fell from the pen.
The purpose of the game is to maintain the peace between people who might destroy each other due to having different beliefs.
As a space worker, you need to be able to cope with the loss of skills to survive.
Hughh must Help Igoor to find BRAIN. Both can move differents objects The game is about two realities , you can see all but ...the things are moving.
The player handles pressure in positive ways to avoid the obstacles in his path.

Hearty Games