Past Games

Dug deep into the ground, the mole civilization has long kept to themselves.
After your lands become barren and your home is destroyed in a fire, you and your family decide to leave all you've ever known in search of greener pastures.
Send a message back and forth Press R to restart, arrow keys to move. That's it.
oot clone wasd to move m1 to shoot or talk good luck
RPG with an ingame time limit. A dead god's brain is being used to power the electricity of a sacred island, find out whats causing bog to die.
Playable game? Art installation? You be the judge. 'When one door closes, another one opens.'
In a world full of water and sand Use the arrow keys to move the dune buggy and sub left and right and the sub up and down. Press Space to switch from one vehicle to the other. Collect barrels
There's a patient desperately needing a heart in the O.R.! Dodge all those pesky doctors and their silly medical equipment and get that heart to its new owner before it dies!