Alexander Dudok De Wit

Past Games

Yeah, it's just Asteroids.
An idle game inspired by pachinko machines. Open the menu in the bottom left to see what you can buy. Your score in the top left is increased every time you collect the ball and you get a point fo
Make a house a home! Oh, and make the house too.
HeyÜ You are a home AI. Delivered to a family. Where’s your place? What is your role? What is your purpose? Are you just another binary decision making home AI, or could you be something more?
A simple local multiplayer 2D brawler where players can cause shockwaves in the environment which can be used to attack their opponents. Shockwaves are generated based on an animation curve and the
A mad evil scientist has come up with a way to shape-shift and see in the dark, but the army wants him dead. Take control of the scientist and blend in with the environment to take out the military
RGB is a game best played online Co-op, it is a puzzle platformer by which, depending on the player, you can see the world through the player's eyes. There are 3 players, Red, Blue and green.