Past Games

A couple attempts to have a talk using a new but still precarious media called telephone. Help Gerald and Diana giving a meaning to their conversation, so they can be together.
In a world overrun by hellish creatures, a charming little frog must fight to restore the land in this fast-paced 2D mobile brawler. Numa terra devastada por criaturas infernais, um simpático sapin
In an island before time, a wandering soul must free the elements trapped by ancient beings so humanity can exist. Numa ilha antes do tempo uma alma perdida deve libertar os elementos aprisionados
This is a game about Billy, a boy known as the tough guy within his neighbor. Tired from see Billy bullying people and little animals from the surroundings, Mary decides to teach him a lesson for good. Only a few know about this, but this quiet old lady is actually a powerful old voodoo witch that will make use of her magic skills to put Billy into a game that will make him rethink about his own feelings and will make his heart get filled with good feelings.