Past Games

Cooperative Emoji Flirt Adventure. We're into each other, we have our contact info. What do we do now? Controls: Player 1: WASD to move, G to Swap, F to speed up.
The goal of Giddyup is to swap cowboys to increase your score.
An Excite Bike player finds himself on a new course: the pulsing track of an EKG machine!
A tree begins its quest for immortality.
A sadistic variation on Conway's game of life (alternate title: Rule 66). Place your disasters wisely as you attempt to end all life with as little effort as possible. Music is generated procedurally, based dynamically on number and position of map elements.
You are Eliza, a Pig with big dreams. One of these dreams is to attend the Barn Ball. Find a disguise and sneak your way into the ball in this stealth game.