Past Games

Attract, repel, slow and speed up your bee to get her home.
A man walks down the beach, stumbles into objects cast aside by others. He begins picking them up in an attempt to clean the beach. Little does he know that some objects hold secret powers.
You're a middle manager at an ailing repair shop! Try to improve the shops Yelp rating by delivering fixed items and making your customers happy!! Use arrow keys to move and Space Bar to pi
GGJ'19 - What Home Means to You - Chicago Nacho wants to go home, but red tape is holding him back. Every morning, he checks the mail but his paperwork never comes!
You’re a lonely virus in a hostile environment. Your survival is dependent upon making friends with your enemies.
Rezonance is a single-player puzzle game that asks you to manipulate frequencies in order to create a wave that resonates with Gaia’s celestial mood.