Past Games

Take control of the Haunted Library in this Multiplayer fast-paced action game. Play with the Light ghost to light up the library so you can read freely or play with the Dark ghost and turn all the
Help the little penguin to repair its house, while avoiding your boring neighbor! Take the ice blocks from the freezer and repair your house. Thats it!
Fight against other players for your home. Hit others to get his "shellter" and win the battle. A multiplayer game.
Two Phoenix, One of the element of Fire and the other of water, transferring the power to each other they can overcome the diverse obstacles.
Between small whisper and screams try to stay alive passing the obstacles. Let's see if you are good to breath the same!
Multiplayer, every night an old lady get one of her's beautiful farm chickens, a charped axe and make the ritual happen day after day.
Multiplayer. We are two astronauts who needs to survive in outer space where many meteors are coming. In 5 minutes the space shuttle arrives to save us.
We don´t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Hero or Evil? Questions you might being asking. This game is about that. The Robot are looking for... It´s your chance to learn.
This game show the war between the angels and devils.
You will feel the experience of being hunted, imprisoned and chased where you go. This game has as background the Brazilian’s fauna, especially endangered animals. Rather than focusing on the problem, the game will give the player's experience of controlling an animal threatened with extinction.