Aidan Dissonance

Past Games

Tend to your garden during the day, defend it during the night.
Your boss has just told the whole company that whoever gets their work done first gets a big promotion! Do your work, fight off your coworkers and go up the elevator to get that promotion.
A sibling lost in the Feywilds, the other trapped in reality.
You have fallen into a dark dungeon and the monsters are closing in! Fight them off, and...
"Same colours to REPEL, different colours to ATTRACT" Magnet Mayhem!
Invaders are coming to steal your Crystal! Tap the nearby Stones for resources and build Walls and Towers to defend yourself.
Kenith-zilla, KZ for short, has gone legit and got a real job. He now works for Kaiju Konstruction, a company that has been contracted to repair the city after numerous other Kaiju attacks!