Past Games

Sci fi alien concept where we can play with that dual perspective. A human trapped in a museum where something feels off and you keep trying to leave but somehow you can't?
This Cinematic Gaming Experience centers around 2 characters. Phanstasmo, a super hero who frequently "gets lost" in time and space, on epic adventures around the universe.
Enter the post apocalyptic wasteland where you must race to survive. Work together with partner to outmaneuver and fight off the desert raiders.
A game about two players who must save their home from the apocalypse. Fireballs and floating debris await, but work together as a team and flying your home to safety.
360 degree zero g flight game in early 90s style virtual rendered cg world using push and pull kinetic chain physics as combat
A first person, virtual reality, hand tracking puzzles, spanning time AND space with the swipe of a face. With intellect and attention, have your gaze extend the common bounds to limitless horizons.
Frankenstein encounters creatures and objects with specific colour combinations. Plug the pipes into coloured heart nodes to match those combos. Match the colour combos that come up on the right by plugging tubes into the coloured pipes. Click on a pipe to detach it from the socket. You can match any combination in the queue, but need to match them exactly. Note: Green socket is a bit buggy at the moment, if it's not attaching just wiggle the cord around a bit when placed over it.
Robot Destruction on Rails with Kinect!!!11!!1
Office Tower Defense Tower defense game: individuals walking across a building to jump off a roof because life is not going well. Player’s job is to stop them by setting up mood-boosting turrets to hit people with good vibes to cure what worries them before they jump off the roof.
'Monkfish: Noms for the poorfish' is a deep sea survival game where you play as a Monkfish that uses poorfish as a shield against the perils of the environment.