Past Games

You are a worker in the Junkyard, a large area where the people of the nearby town dump their old mechanical appliances and non-conventional trash.
Your local body is sick OH NO! You, a gang of platelets, must hunt down all of the open wounds letting in the no good intruders in to your blood stream. Find, and repair, all the cuts to some ...
It's a well known fact that hermit crabs don't like seeing other hermit crabs naked.
You play as Doctor Trains, a human biologist on a trans planetary mission to transplant plants from the planet Trans to another planet.
The old stories speak of Schrodinger’s experiment where he placed a cat into a box with a vial of poison. However, what if his actual experiment was the box itself?
A social deception card game in which you and your "friends" are apprentice ritual casters who've broken into your Master's component cabinet, and are trying to complete rituals fr
Project Chimera A game with many parts from many places stitched together to form… something. Project Chimera was my plan to make a game with both the smallest and (potentially) biggest development
A group of Magicians take away your sight of color. No one believes you. You are checked into an insane asylum.