Past Games

Joust X Snake - Collect Power-Ups to get a bigger Lance (most of the time). - Eliminate the others contenders to become THE Williaaam. - 2 HP / Player | 3 Rounds / Match - Keyboard : QD (Turn) +
/!\ This game requires 2 - 4 Xbox360/One controllers. As Transmitters, you must ensure packets reach their destination. Cooperate with your teammates to guide small bits towards a Receiver. D
Find your way to your life pod using your oscillator before being asphyxiated. Search for frequencies and beware of radiations.
Protect your deity from the infidels. Collect their souls to prove your faith. God rewards your obedience. //-// Idle Idol is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter with shifting alliances.
Ultimate Nicolas Cage clicker VHS edition
'The Victim doesnt't want to talk, boss... What do we do now?' - Bob, the Executioner (hand)
A game about cells and meaning of life. 2 players trying to eat other cells to grow up, indefinitely. But is that the real objective?
The S.S. Queen Buccaneer will blow up in no time. You have three objectives: Keep the ship alive before the escape pod is ready to launch. Stay alive. Grab the more money you can !
Associate each Words with one of 3 colors by collecting the color. Enemies with the same color as yours won't attack you. Enemies with a different color will...

Hearty Games