Adam Roy

Past Games

In Junkyard Jam you run a junkyard and have to help customers retrieve their lost items! This is a physics based game with wonky controls and a fun atmosphere.
You a in control of a herd of whatchamacallits in search of home.
You are an acolyte at a secluded mountaintop monastery. Today is your Initiation Day. After performing a simple ritual, you will become a full-fledged member of this exclusive monastic order.
The last living dinosaur navigates an apocalyptic world after her friends and relatives perish.
You're a boot. You solve crimes. A Piñata has been murdered. This is a pun about seeing "things" not as they are. There are a lot of puns ;)
An eerie maze puzzler, featuring build up suspense from your heartbeat. Complete simply designed, but challenging puzzles while avoiding enemies and arrows. A full walkthrough will be available with the download for those unable to complete any puzzles. The game will be launching on both PC and XBLIG shortly after the game jam. Supports an Xbox 360 controller.