Adam Al-Sawad

Past Games

Your car is breaking and the enemies are after you! Shoot your enemies, dodge obstacles and keep your car running by repairing engine and weapons! Player 1 drives the car and shoots.
A typical Finnish railroad trip!
Defend your home planet against an alien invasion by commanding massive mecha weapons on a space station orbiting earth.
Join Captain Penguin and his crew on an epic adventure. Captain Penguin and the Final Frontier is a game for up to four players.
The treasure has been found! BUT, shaken by the cursed diamond and rum of course, a betrayal is revealed. After an intense battle, Beaver gets the treasure and sails away to find it a better spot.
Witness a minor pitfall of human technology! In A Little Hiccup, you are trapped in a mad scientists teleporter experiment.
A powerful wizard Ukko and his helpful little familiar Omma are having a very mundane mana ritual, when one of the magical potions breaks down and things go horribly awry with a huge explosion.