Past Games

Party game for two. Use two gamepads, one player must take all the objects possible before the time runs out, the ghost must avoid getting robbed!
Two superpowers facing each other once again. Choose your side and see if you can keep balance, start a war or... not.
Everything was quiet in the psycosideral space. Until Jormungandr woke up.
An exploration game to find anyone who can keep your heart beating. Hugs are a good remedy. PS: Got sick and could not polish the game.
A character with Alzheimer tries to remember all his memories through life. It can be played with the audience in mixer: - A random memory is loaded. - A message is shown in the smartphone with t
This game is a personal view about depression. Just a simple walk through the feelings of someone ill through a day.
"Evil God" presents a world at steak by an unfair divinity whose anger is only dimnished when you, the monark, sacrifice citizens. But with a few couples, killing might also lead to extinction. Unfortunatelly, priests are sucessifull to convert citizens into worshipers... getting rid of the followers are the only definitive solution for it's tyrany.

Hearty Games