Past Games

Pulling the cobwebs off of my old GGJ 2013 submission for an update and to explore new game mechanics.
Return to Earth in the wake of a hail of meteors.
A simple canoe racing game. Time the beat of your drum to coordinate all the paddlers in your boat, without tiring them out.
Rescue three spirits to save the temple
A 3d point and click mystery game in the spirit of classic and award winning games such as Myst, Gone Home, and Dear Esther.
Choose your own Adventure... LITERALLY! Byte (stylized as "8YTE" since 1 Byte = 8 Bits) is a game concept I've had around for a while but never got around to developing.
A puzzle... A question... A journey...
An exploration/puzzle game where following the signs and phasing through walls helps you find your destination.
A zombie apocalypse game with an interesting twist. Instead of fighting against the zombies against extinction, you are the zombie trying to infect the world one city at a time.

Hearty Games