Past Games

You're a budding Vtuber with ambitions great enough to pierce the heavens!
You have fallen into a dark dungeon and the monsters are closing in! Fight them off, and...
"Same colours to REPEL, different colours to ATTRACT" Magnet Mayhem!
Kenith-zilla, KZ for short, has gone legit and got a real job. He now works for Kaiju Konstruction, a company that has been contracted to repair the city after numerous other Kaiju attacks!
Have you ever known people who are too attached to their cats? Escape them and a dastardly Roomba in this simple 2D top down stealth game.
Is a top down puzzle adventure set where you use your bouncy ball skills to explore a beautiful underwater realm.
Game about finding objects in levels and the no clip void, travel in and outside levels. By team Brainstorm! Remember hitting ~ then typing noclip? We do, so we made a game about it.
The bunnies are on their way to the galactic core, but their ship is having some trouble.
Repair your spacecraft as you hurtle through space! Attempt to control and repair your craft, as you defend from ravenous Spacebugs!!! Arrow keys for base movment.
A strategy game about growing a plant so it can reach the sun and make a beautiful flower in the face of insectile opposition.
The enemy are advancing, and only you stand in their way!
In the deepest reaches of space, a cohort of hardened interstellar Raptor convicts find themselves adrift on a gritty high-security Prison Transport.
Where do all the letters to Santa go? To Santa's Workshop, right? What happens when those letters are accidentally addressed to Satan? Well, they go to Satan's workshop.
Find your way home...
Halcyon. Adjective; Happy, Calm, Tranquil. A new house can require a lot of work to make it a halcyon home.
Remove ghosts from your home in 1-4 player co-op action. •••• Controllers strongly recommended!
Untitled Birb Game developed by Home Home is game were you play as Wedge Tail Eagle, Australia's largest bird of prey.
A CCTV based stealth game where the player must steal a precious diamond from a museum, using the CCTV camera network to scout around, identify and ultimately steal their prize.
Control Patient Zero and spread your pathogen through a group of fleeing hospital patients.
A game about sticking together. You play as a bird learning to fly with the flock. Follow your leader's call outs and react in time and in sync. Don't fall behind!
A short little RPG about a pirate who has a new chance at life.
A narrative tabletop experience. Puzzle out why you are stuck in this timewave, not knowing where the narrative will take you.
You play as a beach ball in the crowd during a long day of cricket. Avoid security guards and empty seats to get as far as you can! Press Space to get a little boost.
Catch successive waves of bigger animals with a giant sticky hand. Catch more and bigger animals for maximum points. A gamepad is required to play.
A top-down, 2D twin-stick shooter where you control a robot pistol shrimp defending an ancient artefact against waves of mechanical hostile fish.
Super Ball Brawlers is a 4 player competitive party game where players compete to be the last ball rolling! Roll around and try to knock off the competition!
Marlins, arch-enemies of sandcastles. Help Marlene the Marlin fling herself at an unsuspecting sandcastle and break it to pieces.
Another 20 years passes by, bringing another FLIPPIN' BOULDER from outer space to send back up. "Not again," murmured Blueberry, yawning and climbing to the surface.
You are a lost forestling that encounters annoyances on your journey to find home, but it's not long before monsters with familiar names find you; denial, anger, bargaining and depression.
Work together to get Experimouse through the maze. Play as Doctor Oculus to guide Experimouse to the goal or control Experimouse and explore the maze with the help of your omnipotent companion.
It finally happened. The Fortold Hero fought the Major Antagonist. And you, the Humble Weapon Merchant, and now down on your luck. Nobody seems to want weapons in the unprecedented Era of Peace.
Stipulation is a 1v1 pong duel where players place difficult stipulations on their opponents between each point.
Rotation game - Goal is to reach the other player, meeting on the same face of the cube. 2-Player (Must have one controller)
Things that go bump are not what they seem.
You, a room, and your heart is going to stop, why? WHY??