Past Games

You are a knight trapped in time, trying to reach his princess. You can(and will) die and step on(!) your corpses on your way. Try to reach to the princess with as few deaths as possible.
Survival action game which tells the story of a mad bunny struggles to evade from its reflections.
Jack is in a near death situation and you need to save him! Give an electroshock via fibrillator to Jack. Try to hit just right voltage amount by using 'DSB' action. You need to give 4 electroshocks before entering Jack's subconscious. Every consecutive successful shock improve Jack's heart condition, while every consecutive unsuccessful shock worsen our Jack's heart. In Jack's subconscious, he is in a hurry; And any obstacle he hits makes his heart weak and compels you to shock him again. So you should avoid obstacle by using left and right while you run. With each shock to him, Jack gains HeartBeat Time according to success of shock. You will need as much HeartBeat Time as you can gather to run longer in your dreams. There is an end to roads you run and you should arrive it before you die. With each shock Jack's time to be in hospital is running out. Keep Jack's mind busy because, it will save Jack until he is admitted to the hospital. Whenever you are dissappointed by hitting an obstacle or failing in a mission, You return to shocking his heart to keeping him alive. And last thing before you go, the better Jack's heart condition, the easier to find the right amount of voltage but faster he runs in his dreams due to fast pumping heart. And as expected, the worse his heart condition, the harder shocking him rightly is but slower he can run in his subconscious. And as you can predicted if Jack's heart conditions gets too worse, He will die.. Will you be able to give him his second chance? Try at ekrem.koding.com/ggj13/