Past Games

Welcome to your first day at BabelGate!
The loudest idiot wins! -- You are a political candidate in a townhall debate, ready to use your talking points to launch the other candidate out of the ring.
Stop the Demon from taking over the world!! Click on the screen to inhibit the Demon's progress Be careful, click too much and your ritual power goes down Work together with everyone else onli
This is game three player game of crystal vs slime vs wizard in a rock-paper-scissors like scenario! -------------------- -Wizard is out to get the crystal and Wins if he gets it.
Two teams of two -- a God, and an Avatar -- work together to bring the Artifact to the capture point.
Whoever starts the server is the Monster. The Monster’s goal is to scare the other players and raise their heartbeat. The flashlight drains his health. He cannot scare when his health is low. He regains health when one can see him. The other players are trying to turn on the lamps by tapping ‘E’ next to the red cranks. Use the Flashlight ‘F’ to drain the Monster’s health. He cannot scare you when his health is low. Controls WASD: movement Spacebar: jump F: toggle flashlight (Player) E: interact (Player) M: toggle map (Monster) Left Click on Map to teleport as the monster
Attempt to navigate a maze of invisible blocks using minesweeper logic.