Past Games

In this management / adventure game, you play as one of the last human to ever roam this earth. For his 20th birthday, he suddenly feels the need of change in his life.
"The Fix Bros" is a 2 players versus game. Each one embodies an electrician and a plumber to compare themselves in a repair challenge! The objective is to fix more household appliances t
Simbiosis is an oniric-typed game about interacting with stuff to (re)create an environment that you consider safe, comforting, appealing, where you feel at ease or could call home! The player embodi
The parents of Three Brothers leave the house to party. Telling the children to behave and to NOT LEAVE THEIR ROOM!
Hearth Against Frost is a survival game in which you have to prepare your home for winter by hunting, picking berries and chopping wood. But be careful, nights are cold and Elis is starving.