Past Games

-- Second prize at the Bristol Global Game Jam 2022 -- You come home after a long trip away to find your house riddled with an array of red and blue burglars ransacking your house for swag.
*MOST POLISHED GAME AWARD* Your queen needs your help! Play as Fizz the Bee as you collect pollen to *transmit* back to the hive. - Arcade pseudo 3D action! - Authentic yesteryear super scaler gr
A game about looking after a volcano. You must manage the gases emitted by the volcano. Note, however that your input however becomes more sensitive as gas sounds are played into each ear.
Designed by Simple Tools, a team comprised of professional developers and non-developers, Gravity Academy is a physical card game that truly comes to life when played with its accompanying companion a
Roll your balls to discover the terrain, getting more accurate shots as the terrain is revealed. Try to stop your opponent scoring.
Beat is a side scrolling platformer in which you play a still beating heart looking for a new host! + Roll side to side by tilting your device left or right! + Your heart will beat when you hit the floor, but you will lose some blood! + Don't loose all your blood or you will die... :( + Collect donor bags to gain more blood... :) + But don't collect too much or you will explode!! :O + Collect all three donor bags as quickly as you can to win :D