Віталій Хох

Past Games

This game is about your every day routines. You are going on a work, and back home, you can observe a lot of things around you during this ways. And all this this things will impact you.
A wonderful weekend was replaced by horror, because he had to spend all his days off to repair his home. But our Matthew completely forgot where he last put his tools. He has a difficult road to fix.
You play as a settler who rebuilds his village using various tools such as an axe, pickaxe, hammer, etc.
Genre: Platformer. There are products in a cute pink kitchen become to life. But one small and very sticky marshmallow is living among these skary products.
Genre: first-person shooter, tower defense, strategy. In the near future, mankind has created artificial intelligence.
This is a multiplayer game in which two teams from opposing camps try to spread each own propaganda during restricted time among as many as possible neutral people.