Our final transmission for GGJ18

Jammers have put down their keyboards, pens and paper. They have stopped eating pizza. Even the organisers have had a chance to get some sleep. This means that Global Game Jam® 2018 has come to an end, and what a weekend it was!

For our 10th anniversary jam we had 42,800 jammers who made 8,606 games at 803 sites in 108 countries. Yet again we have broken all of last year's records and become the newly-crowned Biggest Game Jam Ever! Breaking the 100 simultaneous countries was also a big milestone for us, including adding 12 new countries to our list this year.

Artists, musicians, coders, designers, writers, producers and more, from astonishingly diverse corners of the world, spent a hectic weekend creating games inspired by our wonderful keynote speakers, the multifaceted theme of 'Transmission', and the extra dimension of our diversifiers (including 40 games which use an Otamatone). The game platforms this year were also extremely diverse, spanning desktop PCs, handheld touch screens, eye-tracking, virtual reality, physical electronics, LARP, and paper-and-cardboard tabletop games. We had 53 games this year called 'Lost in Transmission' and 2 teams with a massive 19 members each! 

We also had 50 hours of livestreaming on Twitch all over the world, and loads of updates and chats on Twitter and SO MUCH CAKE

We will be spending the next few weeks playing your games, collecting together your photos and stories (and putting them up on Facebook), and reading and reviewing your feedback from the jammer survey (which if you have not filled in yet, make sure you do so we can get your views, and make GGJ even better next year!).

Miss your jammer buddies already? Don't forget you can join up to our new Discord server, where we will be chatting for many months to come.

Finally, enormous thanks are due to everyone involved in the event: our fantastic dedicated volunteers (the executive committee, the regional organisers and the theme committee), our site organisers who put their heart and soul into the weekend, and the sponsors who help keep the lights on.

This wonderful event simply wouldn't exist without all of you talented, hard-working, enthusiastic and skillful people spending a huge chunk of your free time making video games. You are all amazing, and we appreciate every last one of you, and hope to see you again at #GGJ19, running from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 January 2019!