Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Max & GGJ Pantin

"I've had a lot of fun organising this event, because the GGJ team and community is one of the kindest."

Max is a game developer from France. This is his story and greetings to the Global Game Jam community.

"I'm Max from Paris, a psychedelic designer and dev, operating in the local rave scene under the alias Lux Felicis. I work in the movie industry as a special effect and graphic creator, I create custom stages with digital art for events, and love to write scenarios for short films and roleplay games.

My first game jam was in 2020, just before the lockdown, as I was learning java development for an additional training paid by the Ile-de-France region. I met the most interesting people at this event and we inspired each other in a collaborative process that was very pleasant. But above that, we all had a lot of fun together despite having met just hours before.

I used to participate a lot to the 48 Hours Film Project since 2008, which is kind of a similar contest but for movie creation, and always loved this feeling of "flow" when a great team comes together to create freely. After my first GGJ I digged even more into this kind of jams : I discovered the Ludum Dare for video games, but also "La Confiture de Jeux" for roleplay games, and the Jam FLIP for board games."

GGJ Pantin Photo: @allierozetta

"Our site was in the suburban city of Pantin, which has been historically a very industrious place, giving birth to entrepreneur's dreams and inventors fantasies. It was organised by the C.O.G, a new media and ludic art association, founded to organise these types of events and gather creators of every kind. We wanted to host the jam with certain peculiar principles:

  • Open the submissions to every kind of creation, narrative, hybrid, board game, digital, and give special prizes to the most original and unexpected inventors.
  • Give tools to participants so they can join to jam during 48h or less without the need to bring a computer, installing software, or knowing the process of game dev.
  • Make the site a creative safe place with an inspirational retrogaming, board game and digital art exhibition, and organising a process for the creators team building."
GGJ Pantin

Photo: @allierozetta

"I've had a lot of fun organising this event, because the GGJ team and community is one of the kindest. As a site organiser I feel even more connected to some of the principles of the event : the global community, the open source development, the creative liberty out of the path of the industry, and the need for the people to become creators instead of consumers. I would recommend the GGJ to every artist that feels he lacks time to finish something, to the dreamer that need to meet another soul in his deliriums, to the students that wants to learn throughout their life, to the entrepreneurs that love to meet people who makes, and to the player that would like to know what is behind the curtain.

Thanks a lot to every participant of this event that is so wonderful and unique thanks to them. The organisation team is so effective and sweet despite the gigantic size and challenge of the event. I hope next year our site will gather even more participants, as we will evolve to take lessons from the 2023 event and be even more open, with more tools ! We will take care to make our site unique and specific, open and creative, safe and inspiring."

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