University of Chichester GGJ 23

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In-person Only
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Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 5:00pm
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Key Facts

Chi Uni's GGJ23 runs from Wed 1st Feb - Fri 3rd Feb, 2023 in the IT Study Rooms at our LRC on Bognor Campus. 

Anyone who is a current student at Chi Uni can participate.


Event Schedule

Wed 1st Feb, 2023

5pm: arrive/register/meet and greet

5.30pm: official GGJ keynote opening & mystery theme reveal

6.00pm: ice breakers, group formation & brainstorming

7.00pm: dinner time/socialising

8.00pm: continue with game dev

11.40pm: last bus back to Chi accomodation departs!

12.00am: finish

Thu 2nd Feb, 2023

8.00am: arrive anytime from now to continue game dev

2.00pm: filming for Creative Industries social media

3.00pm: deadline for creation of game project on GGJ website

7.00pm: dinner time/socialising

8.00pm: continue with game dev

10.35pm: last bus back to Chi accomodation departs!

12.00am: finish

Fri 3rd Feb, 2023

8.00am: arrive anytime from now to continue game dev

3.00pm-5.00pm: window for final upload of game to GGJ website

5.00pm: game demos & presentations 

6.00pm: GGJ 23 ends



Do I need to be an experienced designer/artist/coder to do GGJ?

Not at all! GGJ is designed to accomodate people from all backgrounds and skill levels - so no previous experience is necessary. 

Do I need to be in a team?

It's up to you! Being in a team is often more fun, but you're welcome to be a 'lone wolf' too.

What's the food situation for GGJ23?

Throughout the course of the weekend, drinks and snacks will be provided. The campus Costa is also (conveniently!) located just outside of the jamming rooms, so you could head there for hot drinks and more substantial meals. Chi Uni will also provide pizza on the nights of Wed (1st) and Thu (2nd). Please let your lecturer know of any food allergies prior to ordering. 

What's the accomodation situation for GGJ23?

The SIZ shuts at midnight and it isn't possible to sleep in the building. So, alternative accomodation arrangements should be made. While a free bus service back to Chi campus still runs at this time, you may find it more convenient to stay with a friend on campus/in Bognor to save late night travelling.

Must I stay around for the duration of the jam?

While you're not obligated to stay for the entire period, you're encouraged to attend as much of the event as possible. GGJ is a really fun experience but it's also pretty intense - so, if you need to step out for the occasional 'sanity break' (e.g. going for a solo beach walk) just let your team know so they can schedule work effectively.

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud
Who Can Participate: 
Only University Students
Age Restrictions: 
16+ only

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