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In-person Only
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Open for entire 48 hours
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Friday, February 3, 2023 - 8:00pm
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Hello jammers, welcome to my spaces. In alijayaCraft, we make custom Print on Demand card games and board games.
This is the first time we want to host Global Game Jam!

Of course you don't need to create board games, you could create video games like usual or anything in this jam. But if you need tools to create your prototype, we'll make sure to provide it :D.

We have small bedroom, so you could sleep there, but it's limited in capacity, if there will be many jammers here, I'll provide more air mattress.

There will be shower if you need to refresh yourself, and there's many streetfood around here, so you have many choices of food.

So yeah, I'll update this description later if I have more thing to say :D.

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
laser printer, 3d printer, laminator, all sort of crafts supplies and tools for making DIY card game / board game.
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
16+ only

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Deep Roots is a Flip and Draw Game, where you grow roots to collect resources for points.
This is a card game where players put a bid on different kind of daikons. The mechanics are bidding and bluffing. Players with the highest score wins.
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This site has gender neutral toilets
This site has showers available
This site has separate sleeping space
There will be pizza!
This site has free coffee
This site has parking
This site has a safe/closed bike parking area
This is a non smoking site
This site has a microwave
This site welcomes jammers creating boardgames
This site welcomes jammers creating hardware games/alternative controllers

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