The Young Sprout's Odyssey

The creation of "The Young Sprout's Odyssey" was made possible by the AI language model developed by OpenAI and MidJourney, which was used to design the concept and generate much of the artwork for the game. The game features a young seedling growing and evolving through the changing seasons in a beautiful forest environment, combining elements of exploration, survival, and puzzle-solving for an engaging and atmospheric gaming experience. The original working title for the game was "Rooted," which reflected the theme of growth and the idea of having roots. However, the decision was made to change the title to "The Young Sprout's Odyssey" in order to better highlight the protagonist's journey and the youthful and adventurous nature of the game. The new title effectively conveys the core elements of the game and sets the right tone for players. Note: This synopsis was generated by our AI Producer, ChatGPT.
Jam year: 
A Friend In Need
Creature Feature
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
AWS for Games, GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game design ideas generated by ChatGPT leading from the prompt "What is an interesting computer game outline based on the theme “roots”. Some code, song lyrics and music generated by ChatGPT AI. Dialogue Management in Ink/Inky Some background and character artwork generated by MidJourney AI. Artwork manipulation done in Microsoft Powerpoint and Mac OS Preview :)

ChatGPT by OpenAI - Producer/Designer, Programmer

MidJourney - Lead Artist

Kevin Clark - Production Assistant and Junior Artist

Peter Armstrong - Programmer and Level Designer

Sunita "Sunny" Berry - Narrative Design and Writing

Ben Houghton - Composer

Abby Phillips - Audio Design

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Side Scroller