World Shroomination

In this game you play as an evil mushroom, that spreads its roots through the ground and tries to destroy humanity. The humans try to stop you on their lawnmowers and destroy your shrooms. On your roots you can place new mushrooms, which will help you with different abilities to fight against the humans and safe yourself and other shrooms. *********** WASD: Camera ::: Mouse Wheel: Zoom /// Towers: SPREADshroom, CASHshroom, SHOOTINGshroom, HEALshroom, DETONAshroom.
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Creature Feature
MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Visuals: Adobe Photshop // Engine: UE5 // BGM: Musescore
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Download Executable, Unpack Zip Folder, and Start "Shroomination.exe"


Mandy Kricke - Art, Leveldesign, a bit Programming

Noah Haasler - Sounddesign, Composer (BGM), Leveldesign

Lars Thießen - Support and problem solving, AI

Kevin Spahmann - Main Programming, Interface

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Soundeffects: Pixabay

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