Withering Roots

Withering Roots is an action-packed adventure game, where the main hero sets out on a journey to restore his damaged memory and unravel the secrets of his past. The game takes you on a mystical journey through Ukraine, where the main hero witnesses an air attack on his home and loses his memory as a result. In this game the player must navigate through a world filled with visions of ancient times, as the main hero encounters Slavic gods, Ukrainian wizards, and the spirits of great warriors. He learns magic and unique abilities that he can use to restore his damaged neuron connections in the brain and uncover the hidden knowledge of his ancestors. The objective of the game is to help the main character restore his damaged memory and find his missing family members. As the player progresses, the damaged brain of the main hero is displayed, with different parts of it that can be restored. Each restored part reveals new knowledge and abilities, allowing the player to uncover the truth behind the air attack and the main hero's past. Withering Roots offers multiple endings, giving players the freedom to choose how they want to restore their memory. The player's choices and actions throughout the game will shape the plot and determine the outcome of the story. In conclusion, Withering Roots is an exciting and immersive game that combines action and mystery, taking you on a journey through ancient times, as you restore the main hero's damaged memory and uncover the secrets of his past.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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GameMaker (any product)
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