VR Bonsai

VR Bonsai is a virtual reality game that lets you experience the art of bonsai cultivation. In this game, you take on the role of a bonsai master, tasked with pruning, reshaping, and repotting your very own bonsai tree. With the help of VR technology, you are transported into a tranquil and immersive world, where you can engage with your bonsai as if it were a real living plant. The game is designed to provide an educational and entertaining experience, allowing players to learn about the techniques and techniques used in bonsai cultivation. Whether you are a seasoned bonsai enthusiast or just starting out, VR Bonsai offers a unique and engaging way to explore the world of bonsai.
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Virtual Reality platform
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product), Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
XR Interaction Toolkit
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- Sebastian Uitz
Producer, Programming (Procedural generation, shaders)

- Michael Steinkellner
Music, Sound Effects

- Johannes Kopf
Programming (VR basics)

- Peter Bürscher
Programming (VR basics/UI)

- Lisa Siebenhofer
2D (UI, Logo, Animation), 3D

- Marcel Lohfeyer
3D, Trailer, Assets

- Thomas Kerecz
3D, Assets

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