A TOP DOWN SCHMUP USING BULLET HELL ELEMENTS. Uprooted currently is based off of three plants that have been uprooted from their homes into or out of plant pots, and take to the skies to shoot down their oppressors! with unknown cryptid lore can you figure out why the bosses exist? By default WASD and arrow keys will move you around the screen, Q will Shoot, E will activate a lock on shot similar to other Schmups, and the space bar will activate each character's unique ability. Unique Abilities: Cabron the cactus - will release a pulse clearing any enemy bullets on screen away within a radius (the classic bomb in schmups without killing enemies!) Petal the poisonous - Will gain invincibility frames where this flower can freely ignore the harmful bullets exuded by the plant destroyers! The Kernel - will release a streamed beam of damage from corn kernels! This character is lacking a good defensive option making it the choice for a new and more challenging playstyle! Hints: There are upgrades that will drop giving you orbital ships to expand your shooting range!, this is only temporary however so make good use of it. there are also lives upgrades that will help you replenish back to full lives if you've taken damage, however each upgrade only adds one life and if you're at the maximum you won't gain an additional life! one of our bosses was named due to someone who couldn't make the jam. Hope you enjoy the game, don't forget to leave a review!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programmers: LKite, d4rken3d_w01f, Cyber_Z

Artist: SilentLynx

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