Typical French Game ft. Jean Racine

Please, read this description with the accent of our honored creator Yves Guillemot. Sorry english friends, but it's not possible to understand what is funny on this game because it's a typical Pain au Chocolatine humor with a taste of Baguette. Jean Racine is one of the mot populous guy after M'Bappé (Coucou Kiki), and we love to show how this art is important. On this game you will be on a speech contest with other very important personality in France AND Sarkozy. Because, you know... I wish you a good moment with this strange Visual Novel. Don't start a Diplomatic War with us, we have Omelette au Fromage for you if you are angry and hungry. Merci à l'organisation de Dijon pour leur participation. Lisez des livres, brulez des chefs. Vous connaissez HAIR KEBAB ?!
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
New Friends Along the Way
MS Windows
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Gaëtan Verdichizzi (Code & écriture)

Bertin William (écriture)

Valerie Pellé (culture & déguisements)

Jean Racine (Inspiration)

Le personnel de la Médiathèque (pour toutes les choses cultivées qu'on a mis dans ce jeu)

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Visual Novel