In a small fishing village on the shores of Tampa Bay, an elderly woman named Rosa lives a simple life surrounded by the beauty of nature. But when the roots of the magnificent mangrove forest that surrounds her village begin to die, Rosa is called upon to embark on an unexpected journey to save her home. Rosa discovers that the cause of the dying roots is a dark and corrupt force that is spreading throughout the bay. With the help of her lifelong friend, a wise fisherman named Miguel, she sets out to find the source of the corruption and put a stop to it. As Rosa travels through the mangrove forests and into the heart of the bay, she learns about the deep connections between the roots of the mangroves, the health of the bay, and the well-being of her village. She also discovers that the corruption has its roots in an ancient curse, brought on by a powerful sorceress who once lived on the bay. With the help of her wit and determination, Rosa must find a way to break the curse and restore the balance of the bay. Along the way, she faces challenges, solves puzzles, and makes new friends, all while uncovering the secrets of the bay and the power of the roots that sustain it. As Rosa completes her journey, she realizes that the true power of the roots lies not just in their ability to sustain the bay, but also in the strength and love of the community that surrounds them. And with the curse finally lifted and the roots once again thriving, Rosa can finally return home to her village and live out the rest of her days in peace.
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MS Windows
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GitHub, Unity (any product)
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Open the game play folder (Play Game 2 )

Open the .exe file




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