Treehouse Defenders

Treehouse Defenders is a 2P cooperative game in which two old friends, a squirrel and a mole, protect their home against a horde of reckless rabbits by throwing fruit at them. Players will need to gather resources, assume complementary roles, and keep the balance between mining and firing if they want to keep the invaders at bay. The game plays with the tension between two levels and two sides, holding a cycle of resources that flows from a harvested fruit to nutrients. When hit by fruit, enemies release resources into the soil, which need to be harvested underground and used to stimulate roots, leading to fruits growing again.
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Sharing is caring (Sponsored by GitHub)
Year of the Rabbit
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
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Visual Studio Code

Amir Sholi - Compositor y productor de Música y Sound Effects.

Eric Silva - Artista 2D, Animación, Game Design, UI. 

Federico Alvarez - Programador Lead.

Federico Ríos - Artista 2D.

Gastón Ibarburu - Game designer Lead y producción.

Mauricio Figliolo - Artista 2D Lead, Animación, Game Design. 

Sebastián Uriarte - Programador.

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