The Toots (ft Odysseus Smitten)

You're a house band for the newest late night talk show that features both host and guest powered by AI! Do your best to play the right cues and react to the action. Was there a sad story? Did they just tell a great joke? React correctly and be rewarded with applause, but do the wrong thing and you'll get boos. Sometimes you'll even need to step up and talk directly! Controls: Click to select a sound effect or riff Use the mic to talk to the AI
Jam year: 
Give your NPCs a brain, or even a heart (Sponsored by Inworld)
Slava Ukraini
A Friend In Need
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
inworld, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
MagicaVoxel for 3D models Paint and for sprite art

Daniel Donato - Design, Programming

Sean Lavigne - Music & Sound

Noah Senzel - Design, Art

Source files: 
Game Tags: 
Point & Click