Taking Root

Experience the 3D platformer 'Taking Root' through the eyes of Herby - a cute little veggie who must quickly escape the kitchen by utilising his unique Rooting power. A deadly fire has begun, and Herby must hastily make for the exit by traversing the kitchen counter, but an AC unit stands in his way. Take root to nearby objects to avoid being knocked back by the strong gusts of air, but do not tarry, as the fire edges closer and risks turning Herby into Grandma's next favourite recipe!
Jam year: 
Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
- Ableton - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe Substance 3D Painter - Autodesk SketchBook - Blender - Microsoft Excel - Trello - Vital Synthesizer

Alex Briggs - Producer

Ethan Carlow - Blueprint Scripter

Jeremy Goldsworthy - Audio Designer

Kai Swarvett - Composer

Rami Rowe - Concept Artist

Rhys Reynolds - 2D Artist

Shaun Broderick - Game & Level Designer

Tom Bloomfield - 3D Artist

Game Tags: 
Third Person