Space Surway

The ship landed on the Gliese 667cc planet in order to test his hunches that there is life there and, if there is, to establish contact. On the way to the planet a breakdown is discovered in the astronauts' aircraft, due to which they can only get to their destination, without the ability to return back, that is, they can get a one-way ticket. As soon as the astronauts landed, they were surprised by the extraordinary flora and fauna of the planet. All vegetation there consists of aluminum, copper and manganese. Having received their alloy, it would be possible to look at the damaged part and fly to the correct one. The main thing is to collect the roots of plants, since only they contain pure metal. Help the astronauts collect all the necessary materials without meeting with the locals, as you risk staying on this planet forever)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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